WWE Roadblock 2016 Review

Hola amigos! As promised on facebook before, here’s the review of the PPV with the most stupid title in the history of PPVSs. Roadblock: End of the line.

First things first. Fuck those shield guys. We all know that’s not gonna last so why the fuck do you need to destroy my back? Once again. It was so nice to see get the German announce table fucked for once but then, 5 minutes before the show ends those assholes come for me. Motherf…! Cuelos!

Pre- Show: Rusev vs. Cass

Almost as expected. Some back and forth brawling. Enzo and Lana get involved at some point and Cass gets counted out because he checks on Enzo. I don’t think that makes Cass look like a good friend but rather stupid.

Winner: RuRu!

The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

I’ve also been one of the guys that said that the New Day gets a bit stale. But hearing the reaction of the crowd when they enter is always pretty cool. One could say it was the only time that night the crowd reacted to something. The match itself was pretty dope. Match of the night for me and those false finishes were really good executed. Great chemistry here and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this, preferably with a heel New Day. Also how awesome is Cesaro?! And great false tag finish. Perfect!

Winners AND NEW: Cesaro & Sheamus. 

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Well that was there. I hated the stipulation and now I read some review that gave credit to Strowman for his decent 7 minutes match (let’s be honest, at least three minutes got wasted with this shit Foley intervention). He’s a WWE Superstar though. If he can’t pull off matches then…gtfo. Now Zayn lasted 10 minutes. Hey. Congrats. You da real MVP!

Winner: Nobody. Seriously, nobody. 

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Good match. Again. Those to gel together which is nice and I think Y2J gets his shit together better again than in the early days of 2016. His lionsaults are looking better again. But of course we got the KO intervention which didn’t really lead to anything since lots of time passed before Rollins won. But well….good match up until then.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Cruiserweight Match: TJP vs. TBK vs. Rich Swann

I can’t handle this anymore! They shit all over what made the CW so cool! No high flying flippy shit anymore. WTF WWE! In what ended up to be a submission contest we got Swann retain before Neville made his comeback and kicked the living shit out of TJP and RS. Thank you Neville –  even though I still don’t like you.

Winner: Rich Swann

30 Minutes Iron Man Match: Charlotte vs. Sasha

Let’s cut right to the chase. Great match again. Those two rock. The booking however? WTF. Sasha taps 2 seconds before the match is over and then loses again in overtime? Makes her look like a weak face. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Up until then, good match. Of course. But that stupid booking. Meh.

Winner: Charlotte, of course. It’s a PPV. Did she pass her Dad in title reigns yet?

Universal Championship Match: Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Why the fuck doesn’t Reigns have to put his title on the line? Ah right, ’cause it doesn’t mean shit. The match was decent again. Reigns can work with good guys. No doubt about that. The interference from Jericho was expected but why did he hit KO with his Codebreaker? DQ is DQ. Even if he would have attacked Reigns, KO would have kept the title. Reigns would have won, but titles don’t change via DQ. Am I the only one who knows the rules?

Winner: KO via DQ

Kinda ok’ish event. Could also have been a normal Raw episode. And those fuckers had no business destroying me at the end. Seriously. Cabrones!










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