MMA fighter influx in wrestling

There’s been lots of talk about the influx of former MMA fighters in Pro Wrestling. Not necessarily WWE but wrestling in general. That fucking owl company, NJPW, ROH, etc. Quite a few former MMA fighters are trying to make a living in the squared circle ‘fake fighting’.

Usually Wrestling fans are a bit butt hurt when MMA fighters come in as they think those former fighters won’t take it serious. I got a bit of a different train of thought though. I think former fighters can be a great addition to the roster as they bring legitimacy and make shit look more ‘real’. They know which moves make ‘sense’ and which don’t and hence would give us an experience that feels more ‘real’.

Obviously that only works if those MMA guys take their new field of work serious enough to understand that they are rookies now and have to put in lots of work in order to understand how everything works, how to work the crowd, make calls, adapt to happenings in matches, etc. but if that is given, I don’t see why giving more former MMA fighters, as long as they’re physically capable, a chance in wrestling. This does not mean I want to see fucked up former stars in their 60s in the ring, obviously.

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