LEAK! What is going on behind an announce table.

In a time where leaks are more common than ever I felt I simply had to blow the whistle as well and let you all know what’s going on under an announce table. They always make us look good in the front with cool covers and logos and stuff but you never see what we have to deal with at places where the sun camera doesn’t shine.

I’m not showing you pictures, as of yet, as I want to give WWE one last chance to come clean and pay me what I’m worth. But if I’m not seeing a significant increase on my bitcoin (yeah, we tables are smart) account, I’ll share this Michael Cole & JBL pic that I took the other night.

It’s downright disgusting what we have to keep up with. As if Michael Cole & JBL’s commentary wasn’t already bad enough but why do they always have to take off their pants when sitting behind me? That Mickey Mouse boxer short just ain’t cool, Mike. Neither is that thong, JBL.

At least Corey and Byron remain somewhat ‘normal’. Corey never takes off his pants as he always has to run to Kurt and Byron wears those cute duck suspenders so that i don’t need to be afraid of seeing anything weird there. Well nothing more weird than a 30 something yo man with duck suspenders.

The weirdest dude however is Tom. I don’t get why he’s constantly taking pics of his lower region. Seems like he’s always sending those pics to someone. But who wants to see this? It’s difficult to see anyways, but I guess he’s got a good zoom on his phone.

Sometimes work feels a bit like sexual harassment and I was close to apply for a job on talking smack when they just scrapped it. Feels like I have to stick around a bit longer exchanging pics with the American and German (dirty dirty dirty) table.

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